Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hump day, Trump Day

Well thank goodness that the election is over and the mighty fine people of this country got who they voted for.  I'm sure glad our votes were included in the 1% for Jill Stein, even though I was told today, "it was a wasted vote".  I looked at the person and said "it's my vote, my choice and never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils."  Michael Moore talked me out of voting for Ralph Nader and after voting for Kerry...I said never again.

A friend sent me this video and it's definitely worth the few minutes that really tells it like it is.

Fall is definitely here, time to curl up next to the fire and knit something beautiful from my handspun...this time from our own sheep.

Vera Smiling for the camera

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vote your conscience...we did...Green again...

It's that busy time of the year again, but didn't want to wait to post this picture...

I'll be writing soon.  Watching...



I know it's been a long time since I've written anything, so it goes...

We've been busy with "sheep people" in our lives and no they're not stupid, actually they're smarter than many people.  Ellory our ram has been painted for breeding and the girls were bucking heads today, we're thinking we're all going to get f*$#@^& tomorrow!

What a 3 ring circus it's been, anyone sane would vote for Jill but then again is there many sane people left in this country?  I've listened to this speech so many times over the last few months,
and can't believe what we had going for us then...until...
 it's all so sad.  
What the hell happened to all of us?  Have the powers to be rendered us useless in this day and age?  Or...are we just so over entertained with everything now even the election has to be full of drama for us to pay attention?   I'm hearing Barry McGuire singing...

Our ballots have been cast but for all practical purposes I do feel hopeless in seeing real change as the system is rigged, least we voted our conscience, too bad we didn't get to see Jill in the debates as I think many more would agree that she is our best choice.
Vote Green Party!

We've been listening to the audio book by Gary J. Byrne, Crisis of Character, 
  We highly recommend listening or reading the book.
It's pretty entertaining going down memory lane with the Clinton's.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Honoring "The Snake" on our Super Bowl Sunday

I’ve never been one to just throw some writing together but today I figure the pictures will speak louder than words.
Thank you Blackie
Since neither of us have watched sports in over 10 years, Super Bowl Sunday is just another Sunday for us, but we have a celebration of a different kind.  Today we finished “dressing up” the inside of the greenhouse, up until today it was a “bloody muddy” mess!
A "bloody, muddy" mess
We have dreaded going in to pick fresh greens because the mud was so deep we would lose our shoes. Though it was depressing to see, we have been enjoying lots of salads and we even had our first orange last week.  It was the best tasting orange either of us have had.

Yesterday we finished coating the shorter bed with Eco Wood Treatment and today it was filled with soil and compost awaiting for perhaps melons.  The rock was then brought in and what a difference it made.  As I was watering the bed the sweat was dripping from my brow and I noticed the thermometer read 90 degrees…no wonder the kale was looking wilty.

As I watered I also weeded and figured the weeds could be added to the worm bin which got moved back outside again, hopefully we won’t get any surprise freezes.

We’ve been enjoying the onions that we harvested last year and also the potatoes that we left in the ground along with the carrots.
Last year's onions
Potatoes still in the ground
Carrot bed February 2016
Also very happy with the looks of the garlic so far,  should be a good crop...fingers crossed.
Garlic coming up February 2016
We'll wait and see what we get if anything from the cabbage.  It took a bit of a hit from a couple of hard freezes but I couldn't resist a picture of it as I think it's still beautiful.
Cabbage February 2016
Today was a joyous one for us in many ways but sad to think that we use to indulge in such a violent sport for entertainment.  Hearing the announcement this past week about Kenny Stabler having CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) added to our sadness as we both enjoyed watching him over the years.  My husband followed him in college when he played for Alabama and later for the Raiders, but I didn’t start watching him until Bum Phillips was his coach for the Houston Oilers. I remember having a #12 put on a Houston Oilers tee shirt with the lettering of “The Snake” under it for a gift for my husband.  In 1974 he was recognized by the Associated Press as the MVP of the league and was also the AFC player of the year.  I didn’t know until reading recently that the pro wrestler (another sport we watched for entertainment) Jake, The Snake adopted the name as a tribute to Stabler.  So many of the athlete’s we watched for the fun of it have been diagnosed after death with CTE. 

So we choose to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday as well as Kenny Stabler’s induction into the Hall Of Fame in a different way.  Today was full of sunshine while we worked enjoying the outdoors and this evening we’ll enjoy our homemade crackers (made with basil, dill and rosemary), a good porter while we play a game of billiards.
Homemade Crackers
Our "game day" in the stadium

After we’ll sit down to a home cooked meal of Chimichangas made with a chuck roast raised on a farm here in Oregon,

and tomorrow we’ll wake to toast made with our fresh sourdough bread, yum!
Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Bread and buns