Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Believers

Marshmallow in bloom
Was thinking as I worked in the garden watering the Marshmallow and admiring its first bloom.  Why is it that many of the climate change deniers in our country believe in some form of organized religion and probably God?  Some of the older folks we know have always worked hard, been responsible and believed in the American dream…retirement.  When the subject of climate change, economic “downturn” (what a joke) and mostly anything to do with the collapse of our current system, they only respond with “it’s a shame we can’t do anything about it”.  Fact is they truly believe that there isn’t a damn thing to be done so they go on living the same way hoping for different results.

Us, on the other hand do not believe in any form of organized religion but believe in humans.  Wow, did I just say that?  What’s up with that?  How can we believe that people are capable of doing something different when we don’t have many personal examples to choose from?  Instead we part ways with family and friends disagreeing about many things including our negativity (as they call it) and who will be the next president (as if that makes a difference), I know hope is on the way.  Have to admit though, I did buy into the Clinton’s when Billy Bob won, remember that song?  Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it will soon be here, yesterday’s gone.  Yep, sure is.
Hopefully Fleetwood Mac made money on that, at least someone other than the Clinton's.

It’s fun, as George Carlin would say to ponder thoughts such as: I wonder if things would have been different had John, Bobby and Martin lived?  Hell throw in Gandhi, John Lennon and for that matter how about Jesus?  I certainly would have more faith and belief if these were some of the people in charge today.  How about you? 

We’ve had some say that it’s just our destination to destroy and die, but what if we’re reborn?  Just a thought, it’s fun to do this.  What if we have to get it right or go to hell?  If we stick around long enough we won’t even have to leave to get there. 

Seriously though, why can’t people look at the Vandana Shiva’s of the world or Arundhati Roy’s?  Now there are two women that will put a spark to a burned out fire.  How would they handle Monsanto?  Or even Coca-Cola for that matter.  How about Vandana Shiva as the Chief of Agriculture or maybe John Perkins as the head of Homeland Security or The Ambassador to the United Nations?

I’m sure there are many others who believe as we do; that humans are capable of changing.  Call me a namedropper, but another favorite of mine, Daniel Quinn.  Ever read “If they give you lined paper, write sideways”?  Hope you didn’t stop at Ishmael, there is much more to being an anthropologist, it’s fun too.
In Living Color

Sarcasm is good for the soul, it helps to poke fun at ridiculous things and laugh while you’re doing it.  Have to continue to laugh or at least smile.  See, doesn’t it feel great?

So I wonder what it is with these people not thinking that we may be able to “turn the table” (another thing Daniel Quinn likes to do)?  I wonder if they’ve ever read, “Snakes in Suits”?  A great read about psychopaths and their behavior.  Connect the dots; the picture is great even without the 3D glasses.
Not many want to believe some of the best ones are in charge.  Who wants to believe that we have psychopaths running things?  Kind of scary, huh?  I’d rather be controlled by aliens; at least it would be like boarding a ride at Disneyworld.  Weeeee… what a trip!  Better than this one, I guarantee you.

I find it strange that we tried building community for over eight years and we still believe that humans are capable of playing a different game.  Ask for a re-deal, they’re cheating. 

Even friends of ours, yes we do have a few tell us we’re crazy to think people can share living arrangements and resources.  They laugh when we tell them that generally speaking (though that’s stretching it) that people are lazy, they lack motivation and belief.  OMG, there’s that word again, “belief”, maybe we need to reexamine what we do believe in.  There’s many to choose from let’s see, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, (is that with a capital E?).  I think the “guy” in V is for Vendetta is a believable character and the mask was a cool idea.

How could so many buy into the propaganda (lies)?  Seriously, how could they?

How many of you remember Clove gum?  How did we get from Clove to Juicy Fruit, I want to know.  I loved Juicy Fruit.  The bright yellow packet made me “believe” it was packed full of sun ripened fruit, really?  I’m sure glad I gave up the gum habit years ago. For a long time though I was on the “sugarless” kick, it was great never mind the phenylalanine and aspartame.
Seeing is believing

So many things we can all believe in and we do.  I believe that we can grow food here as we’ve done so over and over again but it doesn’t mean that it will happen all the time.   

The last couple of summers here in the PNW have been non-existent.   Seems like we have two seasons either spring and winter or spring and fall.  This year if we see the sun it’s usually 2 in the afternoon or later.  The Weather Channel says the high temps are 80 degrees or more but if the sun doesn’t come out until 2 or later and the high temp isn’t reached before 4, then the moisture we wake up with takes longer to dissolve creating the perfect environment for mold.  Believe me, we know, as we’ve already had to pull tomato plants up.  Our beliefs in growing food lessen and we begin to see the dependencies we have on many things including light and sun. 
Oh well, if I don’t believe I’ll wake up in the morning, maybe I'll just stay awake and when the sun comes up, I’ll believe I’m here to welcome a new day.  Isn't it fun to believe in what happens.