Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Fireworks, Only Shooting Stars

     Out of the blue the other day in a small second hand store in Eugene, a lady approached me holding up a vest and said,

“I was wondering if I could get your opinion, do you think anyone would wear this?”

     She held up a hanger that displayed the front of a vest.  Half of it had red and white stripes on it and the other half was dark blue with white stars.  I never asked to see the back before I quickly answered,

“I wouldn’t wear it.”

     Soon after a clerk in the store cheerfully chimed in,

“It’s perfect for the Fourth.”

     I confidently went on my way knowing I answered truthfully without feeling ashamed.  I notice that this gets easier for me every day I live to embrace collapse.
     This dialog I had came back to me this morning while reading Dmitry Orlov’s blog and seeing the t-shirts that he’s offering for a donation.  Now that’s something I would sport, fashion at it’s finest, perfect for the Fourth.
     Some of the fireworks started last night; I could hear them at a distance as I tried to fall asleep.  I dreamed of the time sitting in our Ford galaxy in my pj’s watching the design of hand-selected fireworks that created scenes of a play in the sky.  Hand clapping could be heard in between the blasts and whistling noises as the fireworks illuminated the streets as well as silhouettes of the people watching. 
     Gathering of people in a nearby park appearing like a community smiling in harmony.  What a dream that was, then I woke up and not so cheerfully I was once again reminded of the country I live in. 
     Us doomers have heard it before, “love it, or leave it”, but my take is I’m loving how it’s changing, unraveling, coming apart.  Why would I want to leave now?  I’m enjoying myself as I respond to many more emails from people wanting to change the way they live. 
     So why did the lady in the store ask me about the vest?  What exactly was the question?  Like Carlin said in his performance, Life is Worth Losing,

“Life is filled with interesting things, that’s why I could never commit suicide, I’m having too much fun keeping an eye on you folks.”

     It is interesting to observe and listen to friends tell you what you told them three years ago.  I can see the predicaments that some are in and I see what they’re doing to get out of them, ways that are very different than what was used in the past.  Bankruptcy was unheard of until corporations led the way and we all know what the bankers have done.
     Many people today are walking away from mortgages that they’ll never pay off in their lifetimes, some buying big ticket items and enjoying what they have to offer, from huge televisions where they say their entertained by watching main stream media lie to them, or 4-wheelers they can use to escape to the high country and sailboats that allow them to leave the shore in search of bluer waters.  Yes, George it is interesting to watch and listen, and you were right, it’s a big club and we’re not in it.
     As I celebrate my deliverance from believing we have independence, I sit and watch the robin out front building her nest preparing for what’s to come and I wonder what the Fourth of July would look like with people sitting at tables graced with food from gardens of many colors besides red, white and blue. 
     No, I won’t be stuffing my mouth with a hot dog this Fourth of July, instead I’ll gracefully accept the bowl of strawberries just picked and the only ripened tomato that I’ll have to share.  And no, I won’t be dressed like a flag watching fireworks, but you may find me in my pj’s watching the shooting stars.

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